Love going through the Pain

Can You listen to tears, Feel my fears, As they seeps Out from the pool, Spreading All over Me. They have already coated my soul, With their sticky nature, Now they smear my mortal body, and I Wait for it to cover me whole,   Isn’t this shade of grey better, Better than that white […]

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It’s all of a sudden, Sinking of emptiness strikes, It hits like a sudden gush of a sharp wind, Slapping so as to punish the sinned. Filling up the lonsome thought trees, With the darkness dingy, giving creeps, Overwhelmed, trying to re-engage in work, To stop the howling that lurks, Gripping tightens the further I […]

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People tell me, someone will love you the way you deserve, Someone will hold you, like you have never been broken. Someone will see you in all the beautiful shades  and shadows you are. You will be everything , to the hands that know how to intricately rebuild you from your ruins.   I tell […]

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